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Part-Time Jobs for International Students in the UK

As an international student in the UK, navigating the financial challenges of studying abroad can be daunting. However, there are ample opportunities for part-time employment that can not only help you earn extra income but also provide valuable work experience and enhance your employability. In this article, we will explore the benefits, challenges, and tips for finding part-time jobs as an international student in the UK.

Benefits of Part-Time Jobs

Part-time jobs offer a range of benefits for international students. Firstly, they provide additional income to cover living expenses and contribute to educational costs. Secondly, working part-time allows you to gain practical experience, which can be a valuable addition to your resume. It also provides an opportunity to interact with locals and immerse yourself in the UK's culture and work environment.

Work Regulations for International Students

Before seeking employment, it is crucial to understand the work regulations for international students in the UK. Most international students on a Tier 4 student visa are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during university holidays. However, some students may have specific restrictions, so it is essential to check with your university's international student office or the UK Home Office for accurate information.

Exploring On-Campus Jobs

Many universities offer on-campus job opportunities exclusively for their students. These roles may include administrative assistants, library staff, campus tour guides, or research assistants. On-campus jobs often have flexible schedules tailored to students' academic commitments, making them an ideal option for managing work and studies effectively.

Online job portals

Below are some popular websites where you can find UK student jobs. Keep in mind that these websites may change over time, so it's best to verify their current availability:

  1. University Career Services: Most universities in the UK have dedicated career services that list part-time job opportunities on campus and in the local community.

  2. Indeed: A popular job search engine that aggregates job listings from various sources, including part-time and temporary positions for students.

  3. StudentJob UK: Specializes in part-time jobs, internships, and temporary work for students and recent graduates.

  4. Reed: A general job board with a section for part-time and temporary positions suitable for students.

  5. Totaljobs: Offers a wide range of job listings, including part-time roles for students.

  6. Monster: Another job board that features part-time job listings for students in the UK.

  7. CV-Library: Provides job opportunities, including part-time positions and internships.

  8. JobToday: A mobile app that allows users to find part-time and temporary jobs quickly.

  9. E4S (Employment 4 Students): A platform specifically designed to help students find part-time work and temporary jobs.

  10. Student Beans: A website that offers not only student discounts but also a section for part-time job listings.

** We are not sponsored or partnered with any site recommended above

Off-Campus Employment

The UK job market also presents numerous off-campus opportunities for international students. Industries like retail, hospitality, tutoring, and customer service frequently hire part-time workers. Additionally, some international students secure internships or placements related to their field of study, which can be particularly beneficial for gaining industry-specific experience.

Balancing Work and Studies

While part-time jobs offer several advantages, it is essential to maintain a balance between work and academic commitments. Time management skills are critical to juggle studies, work, and personal life effectively. Plan your schedule carefully to ensure that your academic performance remains a top priority.

Job Application Tips

When applying for part-time jobs, tailor your resume to highlight relevant skills and experience. Utilize your university's career services and attend job fairs or networking events to connect with potential employers. Additionally, showcase your adaptability, communication skills, and willingness to learn during interviews.

Stay Compliant with Visa Rules

Always ensure that your employment complies with the regulations of your student visa. Working beyond the permitted hours or engaging in unauthorized work can jeopardize your visa status and future opportunities.


Part-time jobs can be an invaluable aspect of the international student experience in the UK. Besides easing financial burdens, they offer a chance to grow personally and professionally. By understanding work regulations, exploring on-campus and off-campus opportunities, and maintaining a healthy balance between work and studies, international students can make the most of their time in the UK and build a strong foundation for their future careers.


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