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This Ganapati Meditation Shawl is mindfully designed using multiple primitive hand block of floral patterns, Lord Ganesha, mantra, elephants to be worn during meditation and to feel energized. It is  naturally dyed using red sandalwood  on a soft and light weight high quality cotton fabric.

It is hand blocks printed with mantras, and an image of Lord Ganesha, with floral patterns and elephant border.

It is hand-printed in natural black and red color and an image of Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed god known for removing obstacles, floral patterns and elephant border that brings good luck. Also, decorating the shawl are the Maha mantras and “Om” in decorative Sanskrit letters, an attractive contrast that highlights the ancient prayers.

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Ganapati Meditation Shawl - Naturally Dyed in Red Sandalwood With Mantra Print

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