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Shop our silk scarf hand-embroidered by the women artisans of  Kolkata in India.

This artisanal Kantha shawl is hand embroidered on silk using Kantha stitch. The  Kantha embroidery has been around for ages and is a timeless favorite amongst those who love fashion & style. These silk shawls are embroidered with floral Kantha motifs in rich, vibrant colors, and they form a lovely contrast against the natural texture of the silk fabric. The color contrast highlights the intricacies of the embroidered Kantha work, bringing the rich yet elegantly subtle look. The beautiful contrast created by the coarse threads on the solid silk fabric is what brings elegance to the wearer. The intricate floral hand-embroidered with running stitches all over compromises of delicate and clear motifs.

  • Craft & Technique: The unique art of Kantha embroidery, passed down through generations, is a form of freestyle embroidery from India. This old ingenious art form involves an utmost labor-intensive process, as each intricate running stitch is done by hand. Daily life inspires Kantha embroidery craft. The most common motifs are derived from nature and surroundings, the sun, the tree of life, animals, oceans, flowers, and birds along with geometrical shapes from everyday activities. A finished piece compromises of multiple lines and motifs filled with running stitch, darn stitch, and satin stitch all over, bringing an authentic hand embroidered appearance.
  • Measurements: 96" long  Width:48"(approx) (Please Note: This is a handmade hand embroidered product, 10% +/- tolerance of measurements should be acceptable)
  • Care: Dry Clean Only

This product is handmade by women artisans of the  with our charity partner .

Note: Since this product is hand embroidered, there might be slight irregularities and variations, which add to the inherent beauty and authenticity of the artisanal product.

Shipping only available for USA Canada

Hand Embroidered Kantha Silk Shawl

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